Web Design Premium Package

The Premium Web Design Package offers you a bit more than the Standard Package, but still fits within the budget restraints of most small businesses.

With added extras such as a gallery to impress your customers, the Premuim Web Design Package will get you up and running quickly, with enough substance to really get things moving.


  • 8 Pages
  • Includes a 10 pic Simple Lightbox Gallery
  • Includes Contact Form
  • Select a Pre Designed site
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • Free hosting for first year

8 Pages of Your Information

Add information about your business, your products, your staff - you choose what you want. WIth the three extra pages (one being the Gallery that the Premium Package offers over the Standard), you have a little more flexibility to go into detail about certain things - for example, different lines in your product range.

Simple Lightbox Gallery

Your Premium Web Design Package gives you a gallery page displaying your 10 chosen images in a clean thumbnail gallery, with a pop up enlargment using the Lightbox javascript function.

Contact Form

One of the main purposes of your website is to attract new customers. If they like what they see, they will contact you. A simple Contact Form will extract a little bit of extra information out of your customer, through a user friendly, spam-resistant web based script.

Select a Pre-Designed Template

EMW offers you a range of pre-designed templates that feature a smart, professional, quick loading code base that are both appealing and usable. Choose from a nice range of templates that can be customised to suit with the additon of your own logo and the simple change of colours.
View Current eMW templates

Unlimited Email Addresses

Once you have secured your domain name and your web hosting has been set up, you are free to personalie the emails that run off your account. Choose to use info@yourdomain.com.au, sales@yourdomain.com.au or use your own name for personal emails. All emails are easily set up through your own cPanel, and backed by EMW's customer support.

Free Domain Name Registration

Secure the rights to use the available domain name of your choice, and ditch your reliance on your internet service provider for good. Get yourname.com.au for a cost of $66 for two years, free for the first registration period included in the cost of the Starter Package.

Free Year of Web Hosting

Get your webpage and emaill accounts hosting on our dedicated server, allowing you to get reliable fast service at a budget price, with the first year cost of $155 included in the price.

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Need a Simpler Solution?


    1 Header and 3 column layout
    page with your logo and photos
    Link to your email
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free Domain Name Registration
    Free Hosting for first year

    $480.00 inc GST

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  • the STANDARD

    5 Pages
    Includes Contact Form
    Select Pre Designed site
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free Domain Name Registration
    Free Hosting for first year

    $814.50 inc GST

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Need Something More?

If you think that the Packages don't quite fit into what you want in an online solution, then you can take your business to the next level with a custom designed website.

Our packages are designed to fit businesses that want the easiest way possible to get online and require strict procedures to get the job done.

Our parent company, eMedia Worx, can work with you at every stage of the web site construction process to deliver a solution to you that is completely customised to your specifications, with a pricing struture that can include ongoing marketing options.

Please click here to find out how to get a complete web site solution.