Web Design Package Optional Extras

Although the EMW Web Design Packages are designed to be simple and easy to build, they are easy to customise and add to if you require extra functionality. We have listed a range of add ons that will give your site that extra edge in attracting that all important potential customer.

Professional Flash Photo Galleries

Your Premium Web site Package includes a Lightbox Photo Gallery, but you can add that extra touch of class with a Flash Photo Gallery. "Flash" is the software used to design the gallery, but it is by nature "flashy" as your users sit back and enjoy your range of photos in a slick professional package.

Simple Photo Gallery

Simple Gallery ExampleIf you are looking for a simple but highly effective way to display photos on your Web site then the Simple Photo Gallery is your best choice. The gallery will show a thumbnail of each photo which when clicked on will seamlessly open into a higher quality larger version of itself.

This package includes a one-time installation fee and is limited to a maximum of 10 photos, each of which will be professionally optimised for fast loading by one of our graphic designers. Extra photos can be added but will incur an additional installation fee.

Please Note: this photo gallery is included as part of the premium Web design package.

Simple Photo Album

Simple Album ExampleA Flash image viewing application that provides intelligent image pre-loading and intuitive image navigation. This option uses keyboard or mouse wheel navigation and is customisable, allowing us to set the caption, text colour, frame colour and navigation position.

Simple Viewer is a great way to display your products and services. Simply supply us with your 25 full size digital images and we will optimise them and construct your own Simple Gallery for your web site.

This package includes a one-time installation fee and is limited to a maximum of 25 photos, each of which will be professionally optimised for clarity and fast loading by one of our graphic designers.
Extra photos can be added but will incur an additional installation fee.

Note* This is the 'free' version of SimpleViewer that includes the download link at the bottom-right. We charge only to optimise your images and to customise and install the branded version on your site.

Advanced Multiple Photo Albums

Multiple Album ExampleIf you prefer to display your images in multiple galleries the Advanced Multiple Photo Albums option will suit you best. This package provides 3 albums with a maximum of 25 images each.

Extra albums can be added but will incur an additional fee of $100 for each album of 25 photos.

Your visitors have the option of sitting back as your images auto scroll through your albums or they can select from a row of thumbnail images for easy navigation.
This option also features smart pre loading to conserve bandwidth and if you need your slideshow to match your web site's color palette? No problem.

We will optimise your images for clarity and quick download.

Detailed Booking Form

Detailed Booking FormThe 'Standard' and 'Premium' web site packages include a simple contact form - extracting a name, email address and phone number with the customers enquiry - but sometimes your business needs a little more than that.

A detailed booking form can include the details you need to establish a booking. Date of arrival, length of stay, number of people, age - whatever you need to know, the detailed booking form can be customised to suit.

With every business having different requirements if you do you need something more advanced than the standard contact form you will need to contact us to request a quote based on exactly what you are after.

Personalised Google Map

Google MapPeople can merely look at your contact page and see your address... or they can be blown away by your interactive map that shows the exact route to and from your business location.

A Google Map can zoom in, zoom out, and depending on coverage, give you a satellite image of the surrounding suburb. Another fantastic tool that will raise the eyebrows of your customers.

  • Live Example: click here for Google Map example
  • Google Map Price - $295.00 inc GST (one-time installation fee)
    Note: Google do not charge for ongoing use at this time.

News Blog / Content Management System

News Blog / Content Management News or Article Area
One of the most productive things you can do for your business development is provide a regular stream of content for your Web site. Regular content will keep you in front of your customers as well as provide the search engines with a great source of information for their users if you are posting, news, tips, updates and articles about you or your business field. They get to know you and trust you - an all important factor in the business world.

Content Management System (CMS)
Sometimes you need the ability to change certain details such as prices, promotions and upcoming events more regularly. The EMW team can make minor changes for you, but the CMS option will give you the ability to change information at will from anywhere with an internet connection.

Software Upgrades
From time to time there will be software upgrades of your content management system. It is paramount that these upgrades are conducted in order to maintain the security of your web site and that of every other Web site on your server.

Option 1: We can install a plug-in that will automatically allow you to upgrade your software. We cannot guarantee that these automatic upgrades will be successful and you should be well aware that if problems arise from your upgrade you will incur a cleanup fee and our full development rate of $110 per hour.

Option 2: Subscribe to a 6 monthly support option to have everything taken care of for you by the EMW development team.

  • News and CMS - with all pages editable - $874.50 (inc GST)
  • Optional 30 minute Telephone Training - $50
  • Optional Automatic Upgrade Plug-in Installation Fee - $75
  • Optional 6 Month Subscription - $120


Advanced Web site Statistics with Google Analytics

Google MapMonitoring your Web site traffic is a critical element in determining the success of your Web site. Google analytics can provide you with an extremely user-friendly analytics program that will provide you with an extraordinary amount of information about your visitors, allowing you to make informed decisions about your progress and in particular the success of any marketing campaigns.

Our Google analytics service includes creating your analytics account, embedding the tracking code on your site and setting up a simple conversion goal so that you know when a visitor has filled in your contact form correctly.

Having us setup Google analytics for you requires a one-time installation fee, plus some optional telephone support if you want us to provide you with a quick guided tour. At this stage there are no ongoing fees to continue using the power of Google analytics, making it a real no-brainer.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine OptimisationAs with all web sites, they are not much use unless people can actually find them. And the most common way people find you is through a search engine.

Your site will be designed to be as search engine friendly as possible, but to really tie up the top rankings in Google, nineMSN and Yahoo! search results you will need some search engine optimisation and marketing. Prices will vary depending on the level of competition in your field.

Click here to read more on Search Engine Optimisation

Additional Pages

Additional PagesEach package comes with a maximum of either 5 or 8 pages, with one of those the contact page. Usually this will give you a Home page, Services page, FAQ's page, and an About Us page. If you require more than this, (e.g. a Testimonials page, or an additional Products page) they can be added easily.

Extra Domain Name

Extra Domain Nameyourbusinessname.com.au will be included with your package to give your business the bone fide Australian business domain name. But it is often a good idea to register the .com equivalent for your web site. At a small cost, you will pick up all the customers that mistakenly type in your domain name without the .au extension on the end. Without the .com, these potential customers may slip past you.

Click here to check availability and automatically register your domain name.

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