Using Wordpress

Wordpress is a state of the art blogging program, with millions of users around the world.

An open source platform, it easily intergrates with a website, for either a news blog or complete content management system.

Below are some tutorials on the basics of Wordpress.

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Managing Users - Editing user details and privileges.

Editing Your Profile - How to change your personal details and password

Posting new content

Making a new Post - How to add a blog post to your Wordpress blog.

Managing Pages - How to manage new pages.

Wordpress Category Setup

Managing Wordpress Categories - Making sure that your category structure is right is one of the most important steps to a successful blog. This tutorial shows your the basics.

Wordpress Comments

Managing Comments - The interactivity with your audience that comments provide can be a valuable tool in developing customer relationships. Here is how to keep them under control.

Advanced Wordpress Tutorials

The following are tutorials that deal with more advanced settings of your Wordpress installation. Take care when playing with these settings, or you might need to enquire into our wordpress services.

Installing Wordpress - Got Hosting and a domain? Here are the basics of installing your own copy of Wordpress.

Adding Wordpress Plugins - How to add extra plugins to your blog.

Changing your Wordpress Options - Changing the settings in your Wordpress Options Panel.

Working with Headers - Changing your Wordpress Headers.