Movie Tutorials

Your web hosting account provide you with many powerful tools, which can seem somewhat daunting, so we have supplied you with a series of step by step flash movie tutorials that show you how to take control of your web hosting account.

Using your Web Hosting Control Panel

The Web Hosting Control Panel gives you access to all the functions packed into your Hosting Account. Learn how to create email accounts, database management, passwword protection, domain management and more. Using your Web Hosting Control Panel

Using Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager Tutorials go through some simple functions associated with running your own accounts as an EMW Reseller. Learn how to add, remove and manage accounts, as well as work with DNS Functions, and other web hosting functions. Using Web Host Manager

Setting up your e-mail account

Often the most used set of movies, the email tutorials go through setting up your email accounts in cPanel, then show you how to configure your account in the more common email clients, such as Outlook Express. Setting up your e-mail account.

FTP tutorials

FTP Tutorials go through the important process of uploading your files to your server, using some of the more common FTP programs such as CuteFTP, SmartFTP and others. FTP tutorials

Fantastico Deluxe Tutorials

Learn how to use Fantastico Deluxe to automatically install some of the more popular web based software programs on the market. Learn how to quickly install osCommerce, PHPList and more. Fantastico Deluxe Tutorials

Wordpress Tutorials

Wordpress Learn how to use Wordpress, a user friendly blogging software program that will handle all your content management needs. Wordpress Tutorials.