I thought I would dust off the old blog software and see if it still works…

As most of our clients know, we are big fans of email marketing here at eMedia Worx. For a small company that is just getting started, or even a medium company looking to increase sales, there are few more effective ways to target your clients than by an email straight to the inbox.

Unfortunately, here lies the problem. Because it is so easy and cheap, marketers tend to not really think about what they are sending and how effective or relevant it is going to be. They just queue it up and blast it out. (I hate the term eBlast, for this reason)

Louise often says that when you are designing a site you should answer “So what? What is this page for?”, and this rings true for email campaigns. If you don’t have a clear reason for why your readers will actually read your email, then there is a very high chance that it will get skipped over, or even worse, deleted.

I think that is it getting more and more important that marketers think about the relevance of their message. Web based email services, especially Gmail and Windows Live (Hotmail) are becoming more and more advanced when it comes to filtering out spam and unwanted email messages.

Gmail’s Priority Inbox sorts out all the messages from senders that are most commonly opened and replied to, and bundles the rest in a lower “priority” list. This means that if you don’t engage your customers early in the delivery cycle, then chances are you will never get the chance.

I will hopefully give a few more tips on how to go about this, but at the moment I just want to give you all a bit of a heads up. I have just read the article on ClickZ entitled Preparing for the Future of E-mail Marketing which pretty much sums it up. Because people are so busy now and are bombarded with junk, the email marketers that think about their approach to email marketing will be the ones that get their message through above the competition.

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