When it comes to online video if you’re not already mixing it into your marketing campaign you really need to consider it. Your Web site visitors are so conditioned to watching television and with increasing uptake of broadband connections the transition to watching video online is growing at an astonishing rate.

Recent YouTube usage statistics tell us that over 10 hours of online video is uploaded every minute and that YouTube has become the 6th most visited destination on the Internet. The fact that Google were willing to invest $1.65 billion to purchase YouTube speaks volumes about what their view is on the future of online video!

When it comes to watching online video there are a number of video sharing sites that any producer (website owner) needs to take into account when developing a distribution strategy. These sites receive massive visitation and with the introduction of universal search the major search engines now display results directly from these video sharing sites in their search results.

With all of these video sharing options it is important for me to introduce to you a fantastic free service called TubeMogul, that allows you to upload a video once and have it automatically syndicate across a range of the more popular online video sites.

Not only does TubeMogul allow you to automatically distribute your project to the video sharing sites it also provides some seriously powerful tools such as the Cross site analytics and social bookmarker. The Cross site analytics alone make signing up worth the effort by providing a reporting dashboard to view, compare and contrast your viewership information.

Which Web sites are currently included in the TubeMogul distribution?

When it comes to distributing your video TubeMogul has all of the big guns covered including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Blip.TV, AOL Video, MySpace & MetaCafe to name a few (there are plenty more niche options available). You can click here for the full list as well as links to the signup page for each property.

How does TubeMogul work?

Anybody looking to get started using TubeMogul should firstly create themselves an account. It is then a matter of signing on with the various video sharing sites that you would like to distribute your footage to and entering your sign in details for these video sharing sites into your TubeMogul account.

The next step is to prepare your video, upload it to TubeMogul, choose where you would like to distribute it and sit back and watch it all unfold. I think you would agree it is much easier than going to each video sharing site to upload your video individually.

All that you need to do at this stage is implement your plan to promote your online video and monitor the results through the Cross site analytics conveniently provided in your dashboard.

I think that you will agree that this is an extremely useful tool made all the better buy its price — FREE!

To get a real feel for how it all works I suggest that you head over and look at their instructional videos!

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