If you were wondering what else Google could do to mine more data and increase their stranglehold on the world, well here is your answer.

Googles all new gBall is set to revolutionise the Australian Football world.

Its features include

  • tracking you kicking data to determine ways to improve your technique
  • full compatibility with your Google account
  • inbuilt tracking to help find your Footy on Google Maps
  • for those with talent, it can send details of your kicking data directly to scouts, who can immediately contact you through an inbuilt vibrating alert.

As one customer testified:

“Thanks Google and Sherrin – this gets my boyfriend out of my hair for a few hours each day. He won’t stop kicking the gBall. He goes to the park on his own and kicks it from one end to the other, fetches it, and kicks it back. He says he’s waiting for it to vibrate.”

Cara, Perth

Check out the gBall now, and view quite a clever little viral marketing campaign.

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