For anybody starting out distributing Web video a common question is where should I start? In following a previous article the first thing I would recommend is sign up for an account with TubeMogul. TubeMogul will allow you to distribute your online video to a number of video sharing sites from one simple account.

While TubeMogul takes a lot of the pain out of having to visit each video sharing site and upload your video individually you do need to spend some time to set up your account correctly. The most time-consuming part of setting up a TubeMogul account is adding your login details from the video sharing sites that you plan to target.

The video sharing sites that we recommend targeting when first starting out are as follows:

There are obviously plenty of other options available and we highly recommend that you investigate niche Web sites that are associated with your industry. For example if you were in the surfing industry you would look at syndicating your video on to a site like the LazySurfer Surfing Videos.

I really encourage you to think about incorporating use of online video as part of your overall Web marketing strategy. It’s definitely not going anywhere and will only become more and more prevalent. For those of you who start using video to get the message out about your business you truly are getting in ahead of the curve, and more importantly your competition.

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