I changed over to Gmail a few months ago and I love it!

There are many reasons why I prefer Gmail and the two most important aspects for me, are;

  1. I can access my mail from Gmail “web based email” rather than off the server.
  2. I have a number of email accounts for personal and business and I can access all my business and personal mail in one spot from anywhere with internet access.
  3. If my computer crashes I don’t lose any email
  4. I can use my own domain name to identify my email

Since I’ve been using it I am continuing to find more and more features and benefits such as;

  • Plenty of ‘free’ storage for large files!
  • Super fast search function to find older emails (“I know I saw it here somewhere”) using a particular email address, subject or text.
  • This has got to be the bonus… We all hate spam and Gmail blocks spam before it gets to the inbox!
  • Displays, in order, all my back and forth emails – grouping replies and responses in the one place.
  • Allows me to quickly store emails in an archive for future reference – or to read later.
  • I can create labels – instead of folders – to group my mail for easy reference and search.
  • Works seamlessly with other Google Applications, including Google Docs, Analytics, Calendar, Reader, etc., Not to mention Live Chat and Mobile Access – how cool is that? Using one web platform has the potential to make my life, and yours, a little bit easier… and that’s got to be good!
  • Don’t forget to personalise your home page with iGoogle. Synchronised to show snippets of your Gmail, News, Google Calendar, Weather and more customised features.
  • Gmail does show Google ads – ‘not really a benefit’ you say – but for a free service its ok and only ‘good ads’ relevant to the email topic will show.
  • More info on Why Gmail?

It’s easy to setup your existing email accounts in GMail too –

Like I said there are many benefits and features but the first step is to sign up at Gmail.com and give it a try.


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